Monday, January 25, 2010

Should I report to work on the Indian Republic Day? or any Indian National Holidays?

Furious thought... resulting furious rantings and ramblings... I would never want to write about a non-testing topic, but try as I might, I am unable to put these thoughts out of my mind.

As I write these, a nation of a billion is celebrating their republic day. All schools and institutions have been declared a holiday. I am reading news articles about how people are rebelling against organizations that have asked them to come in to work on a republic day to meet client commitments and project deadlines. "Should I go to work on an Indian Republic day? Is it moral for the boss to call me to work on this day??? -" At the outset, it seems like a million dollar question??? Is it one??? Well, I would think definintely not!!! mostly because, it's not worth even a few pennies, let alone a million dollar...

To answer the question, "Should I work on an Indian Republic day? Definitely not!!! For god's sake, it's a NATIONAL HOLIDAY" seems to be every body's answer".. Well, the let's spend some time pondering over this thought...

Agreed that police, military, medicine and transporation are essential service? A quick checklist of questions for the same person who does not want to go into work on a Republic day.

1) Do you ask your maid to come into work on a republic day?
2) Do you get pissed off when you go to shopping on a republic day and find there are not enough shop assistants to assist? Do you complain to the shop manager about the lack of resources on a holiday?
3) Do you get angry when you find that your apartment security person has gone off to attend
celebrate republic day and is not into work on that day?
4) Do you get angry if you are watching a movie on cable on republic day and the movie conks
off? Would you want the cable guy to fix the problem immedieately or are you absolutely all
right if he fixes it after a day?
5) If there's a plumbing problem at home on the republic day, would you want to call the plumber immedieately to fix it or you want him to fix it later?
6) Do you plan to get the odd carpentry jobs around home to be completed on a republic day?
7) If you lose your ATM card, or if you have a problem with your mobile bills, do you expect customer service to be available on a republic day??? Or are you all right if they shut shop for the day and resume services the next day?

Sad but true -----> Sometimes, we as clients, or when we represent a form of the clients and show the inclination to have unjust demands. Similar to how we expect our clients to understand human sentiments, we would also need to understand human sentiments and have our expectations accordingly.

We show a lot of hypocratic tendancies wherein our expectations of people that we pay to serve us is completely different on what we want the people that we serve to expect from us. If the answer for most of those questions in the checklist is YES, then it means that we belong to the category of clients with unjust expectations. Thank god that you are not a client :)!!!

Fake Testers Gyan of the day ---> Please keep human sentiments in mind on National holidays!!!

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