Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello World!!!

This is my 1st blog posting, and the best name that I could come up with was the fake tester. Before I write anything more, a huge thanks to the Fake IPL Player since the fake tester, is in many ways, hugely inspired by the Fake IPL Player.

First, Why a fake tester? Well, in the 1st place, everyone who knows anything related to computers thinks that he/she is a tester.

Want a career in computers? Become a tester - This is the 21st century buzzword. Why? Because software testing is perceived to be the easiest job in computers (directly contradicting relaity), since mostly the kind of testing that we do is only very minimal testing, and mostly whatever testing we practice would only be the tip of the ice-berg.

As I heard a person say, suffix every english word with the word "testing" and you would end up with some kind of testing - fast testing, speed testing, image testing, text testing, HTML testing, language testing, usability testing, UI testing , front-end tester, middle-tier tester, database tester, batch tester, screen resolution tester, screen tester, printer tester --- the list is endless..... while some of them do make perfect sense to practitioners, the others are attributes of the "true fake tester"!!!

that brings us to the question - Who is a "Real Tester"? And how do you find out a "fake tester"??? What is the job of a "real tester"? how do you differentiate a "Fake tester" and a "real tester"??? Well, thats what I intend finding out myself and that's the foremost reason of this blog... keep reading!!!

Well, to end this note, you might ask why not the "fake developer", but well, i ain't a developer ;)!!!

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