Monday, October 24, 2011

Testing team --- Thank you for the family time that you sacrificed for us!!!

Have you ever heard anything like that? It's a very nice thought that every member of the management should thank the test team for the extra time that they spend at the workplace whenever they have to spend the time.

Doesn't matter if you are the program manager, project manager or whoever... Please take some time to thank the test teams for all the extra hours that they spent in ensuring quality!!! Might have been hours poured over a requirement document clarifying a requirement, might have been hours investigating usage of automation, might have been hours spent when called into work during the son's birthday or wedding anniversary, and it can even be a few hours lost by testing the wrong build... truth is that all of us spend extra time at the work place; not for personal whims and fancies, but to ensure product quality!!! Please take a few mins extra to thank the testing team members for spending the extra time in the project... That small bug they raised in extra time might have saved your product from disaster, indirectly saving your job!!!