Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blocking a Release - Happy or Sad ?

Test teams block a production release. You are the tester who found that bug.

Is it a good feeling to block the release? Or do you cry your lungs out for not getting out a release in time for your customers?

Do you get some sadistic happiness since your work blocked someone's release? Or do you feel sad that someone's work could not get out?

Do you feel happy that the entire org are finally appreciative of your work? Or do you feel bad for your development colleagues who slogged to meet this date and could not meet deadlines?

Do you feel happy that you did not deliver a half-baked product to your customers? Or do you feel bad that you could not have done it earlier?

Do you feel happy that your bosses praise you? Or do you feel bad for your dev counterpart who gets yelled at?

End of the day... blocking a release, results in  feelings... some happy, some sad!!! Yes, even a tester feels sad that a release could not get out in time.... (after  all, blocking a release means "no launch party", right? :)"

But when a launch or release happens in time? Life becomes happy for all... at least till the next launch :) !!!