Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA, wikipedia and black days...

SOPA --- This term is doing the round these days and a lot has been written about it already. Today, wikipedia have termed it a black day for themselves.

I interviewed myself today; the objective was to execute only 1 test case to test implementation of the SOPA act when it gets implemented and try to break it in the 1st try. My test case is listed below:-

Test Case --- Search for a wiki page that has blacklisted material and has been in existence for a few years; confirm that the material is blacklisted on the wiki; Do a google search and visit Google cache and check if that information is available. My guess is that it will be available; (I had posted a blog post 2 years back, deleted it a year and a half back and this post is still visible in Google Cache)

Does that mean that there will be a Google Black Day too with Google users protesting to protect their data, if SOPA were to be implemented? :)

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