Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello World Again!!! Getting rid of Procrastination...

hello world again!!! I'd disappeared for long. I don't think I've updated my blog since Last November. What was I doing? Where was I? Well, most of you know... but for those who don't , I've been here all along. I'd started writing for Testing circus since Jan and they've been kind enough to publish my writings as a regular feature. Other than that, let's just say that I've been trying to change the world. And succeeded in parts... and failed in parts.

Why did I not write? Because I was busy perfecting the art of procrastination. Every day, I told myself that I'd write "tomorrow"... "next week", "after a few days", etc. etc. etc... Having mastered the art of procrastination, i've decided to try and master "how to de-procrastinate". I decided to help myself by not reading a single page of those 1000+ self-help books that are available. Decided to fight the journey myself and came up with this idea ----- "When I see myself procrastinating, I won't feed myself till I complete whatever it was that I'd procrastinated".  And when I get rid of all my other bad habits, I think I'd have enough material to write a book about :)!!!

Does starving yourself until you de-procrastiate work? Well, it did for me... I wrote this blog post :) !!! Helped me with other things in life too...

Does it work for you? If it does, do let me know... then I can become a "de-procrastination guru of sorts", quit my job, travel the world offering advice on correcting yourself :)!!!

NOTE:- By the way, I never said "don't drink coffee"; just don't eat till you complete what you set out to do.... that's all!!!

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