Sunday, February 28, 2010

Standard Disclaimer - And an Apology...

Ever since that I started this blog a couple months back, I have been asked by a lot of peers and ex co-workers if I'd categorize them as members of the group of "Fake Software Testers".

My answer to all --- Yes and No.

To clarify, this blog does not have any direct reference to my current and past co-workers, nor do I even try to implicate that they are fake testers. To be honest, I have had the privilege of working with a lot of the brightest minds in the past couple of decades. And though some of my current colleagues do not realize it, their approach to the field of software testing makes me pale in comparision!!!

But, having said that, I have been seeing a lot of fake testing in the past few years happen, which is what I am trying to set right with my blog. It saddens the heart to see a lot of these fake testers, being hailed as very good testers. I don't have a problem with them being rewarded... but, when they are given bigger responsibilities, we are setting them up for failure.... I am not too worried about the projects failing, but.... if these testers are pushed into testing software which saves lives, or flight software, then that is very dangerous.... Their failure to detect a defect might kill a few lives!!! --- that's what I am worried about.

Even I --- for a considerable amount of time, have been (and sometimes, continue being) a fake software tester ----- and I realized I'd remain so until someone pointed it out!!!

That is why, I am trying to create a blog which would also talk about some of the fake/wrong practices of testing, which is so much prevelant these days. I am also trying to share a few of my experiences with this.....Not all of it is right, and not all of it is wrong. It's only when I try to don the hate of a fake tester that I am able to see what is right and what's wrong... from purely my perspective!!!

And 1 more thing... I have not declared my identity on this blog. That's for only 1 reason ----- it gives me immense satisfaction, to being referred to as "The Fake Software Tester"!!!!!

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